brief / Merge 2 – 3 letters from a historical typeface to create a new one—associated with
a new sound—then map it on a space using light. Techniques including; anamorphic, parallax,
projection, long exposure photography/light painting etc, and take pictures. Select one picture
and create an A3 poster.

role / Concept, design, photography & art direction.
duration / 2 weeks.
realisation / The typeface chosen was Didot and the hybrid was designed as a new ligature/
glyph to replace .com. The outcome for this project utilised a technique called ‘Peppers Ghost’,
essentially using a piece of glass to project the hybrid. Movement was then captured through
long exposure photography. Colour was added to reflect the environment of the shoot where
there was a brightly coloured pink wall.
Creating the projection on location
Edited images for poster
A collaborative project as Studio 2.0, credit Colin O’donnell and Jacob Ward

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